Mar 17, 2016 0

Picture this! 4 hours in Tom Clancy’s The Division, not eating and lost track of time. I was hypnotized in this game and didn’t know where 4 hours went. What the Fuck? This is a must by. I had my doubts with the lack of visual from E3 2015 to console and mixed reviews from the Beta. This game took a huge turn and provided exactly what was expected a year ago. The story line alone was amazing. It’s like watch a funny vine video and you wonder how did they do that in 10-15 seconds. Very well thought out and of course the tutorial delivered what Titan Fall should have with it’s story mode. Outside of the tension of the PvPvE Dark Zone, there‚Äôs little that makes this virtual Manhattan feel alive or dangerous.

Dark zone is where it’s at and it makes it better that I’m from New York. The nostalgia and the fact that things can go left if something bad happens really was a shocker to me. I still remember 9-11 and this game brought back the chills. Please go out and buy this game.

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